Solution Providers Still Struggle With Cloud Implementation

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Solution providers face plenty of challenges in building and maintaining their businesses, and implementing relatively new technologies is always a hurdle. Cloud has gone from buzzword to commonplace, but partners told CRNtv that building a cloud business is still a struggle.

"The biggest challenge to our business is, it's still kind of cliché, the movement to the cloud. Especially for MSPs, a lot of them see it as a threat. And it could be a threat, if we don't learn to adapt to it," said F1 Solutions CEO James VanderWier.

Richard Fly of iT1 Source said convergence is also an issue. "That and the move to cloud -- as far as the actual adaption in our organization," he said.

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NTiva's Stephen Freidkin said the problem for his company is finding and retaining the right people.

"Honestly, it's hiring, attracting and growing the right talent,’ he said. ’If we had 10 times the awesome technicians that we have now, we could find the business that needs the help of those techs."

Brent Allen of eDot Holdings said, "Getting in front of them just to have that conversation [and] making them realize it's not a product sale."