How The Channel Can Profit From Amazon's Dominance

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The Synergy Research Group made headlines earlier this year when it announced findings that four cloud providers control more than half of the global cloud infrastructure market. It comes as no surprise that those providers are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Google, respectively. Does that spell trouble for the channel?

’If they choose to use Amazon, so be it. Then wrap around services. That’s just the platform they’re using. The notion that you’re going to make a fortune rebilling Amazon or anyone else, I think, is a false premise. So the channel can still make money,’ Comcast vice president Craig Schlagbaum said.

Schlagbaum added that he doesn’t expect that trend of dominance to slow down.

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’Are we really going to stop that juggernaut with the billions of dollars those folks are investing in it? Or should we embrace it and say 'Look, the channel can still make money!'’ he said.

Verizon vice president Adam Famularo agreed.

’There are ways that you can make money off the Amazon solution as well,’ he said.

Famularo added that Verizon has developed a product with this trend in mind.

’We launched a product called Secure Cloud Interconnect just for that. So if you want to take the application that you want to run in Amazon’s data center and connect it to your personal MPLS network in a secure fashion, you can do that,’ he said.