VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Calls Today's Cloud 'Pretty Crappy'

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger was tough on the current state of the cloud when he spoke in front of a crowd at the NexGen Cloud Conference in San Diego on Thursday, calling it ’pretty crappy.’

Gelsinger said the cloud, as it is right now, is not flexible enough in allowing users to cross different cloud environments. He also said not enough businesses have taken advantage of cloud infrastructure.

"We've got a long way to go. This is an incomplete environment. We'll simply call this the experimental phase of the cloud that we've been in," he said at the conference, which is sponsored by The Channel Company, CRN's parent.

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According to Gelsinger’s stats, less than 10 percent of IT spending is on cloud today. Gelsinger said much of that is attributed to weak governance of cloud, as well as limitations on "applications it can serve and operate on."

"We've got a lot of work to do. But we believe that ... we're now entering, the second phase -- the professional phase -- of the cloud, where we can build something that really does give the best of both environments," Gelsinger said.

"We'll simply call this the unified hybrid cloud," he continued. Under that name, cloud computing should enable efficiency and simple governance while providing "dynamic scalability and application services."

Through that technology, Gelsinger said, cloud users should be able to tie their on-premise and off-premise environments together.