Telecom Partners: Don't Fear The Cloud

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Cloud represents a big opportunity for telecom partners to expand their business portfolios, but it can be hard to overcome the "fear factor" of entering the new space. Two telecom partners shared their best advice for how to make the leap into building out a cloud practice.

"The knowledge that you have right now is imperative in the success of what's going to happen with the cloud," said Michael Goodenough, vice president at New York-based BCM One.

"First and foremost, you've got to trust yourself. You've got to trust the value that you bring to the table with your own knowledge. From there, you need to expand forward and really understand what your verticals are," he added.

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Dina Moskowitz, CEO, SaaSMAX, echoed that sentiment.

"Have no fear, because you’re more important than ever right now to the cloud service providers and the telecom providers because both have become extremely competitive. So it's you and your relationships, and your ability to explain these services and solutions, that become very important and very valuable to them," she said.

Moskowitz also noted that on the Software-as-a-Service side, telecom partners have an advantage in terms of their relationships with clients and ability to reach new and emerging markets.