Telecom Partners: How To Specialize In Cloud

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Specialization can be highly beneficial in the burgeoning cloud services space, but how does a telecom partner new to the technology decide how to specialize?

Clarify360 Vice President Jo Peterson recommended, ’If you think of yourself and your business as a core, think of a service that overlaps and extends beyond the core of it, but not too far out from that core.’

The best way to go about the decision, Peterson said, is to consider in what ways the cloud can enhance an existing product set.

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’So it would be anything as a service that you can bolt onto that existing core,’ she said.

BCM One Vice President Michael Goodenough recommended taking an inventory of the talent on a team.

’You have amazing people that do something in some area, whether it’s [that] you have great architects or great engineering,’ he said.

’Utilize that. Think of where it’s going to fit into the solutions that you’re going to be bringing to market. These solutions aren’t overly complicated; there’s nothing overly complicated about what we’re talking about. It’s IT,’ he added.