Oracle: Don't Call It A 'Journey To The Cloud'

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Oracle's senior director of go-to-market and cloud partner programs, Jeff Porter ,does not want to take new customers through a ’journey to the cloud.’ Rather, the company has positioned itself to offer flexible deployment options between on-premise solutions and public and private clouds – an option that offers customers the ability to go back and forth.

’The journey to the cloud implies you’re leaving something behind,’ he said.

Oracle has invested ’billions of dollars’ to enable customers to move workloads between on-premise worksites and public and private clouds while maintaining the same standards and products, according to Porter.

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Porter said the DNA of everything Oracle has produced for on-premise storage and networking is ’now all available in the cloud as well,’ and lets partners be ’ambidextrous’ to meet customer requirements.

’If they want to begin their transition to the cloud, they can start to migrate some of their business requirements over to the cloud. They’re going to have the same DNA, completely portable between the two. In the public cloud today, back on-prem tomorrow,’ he said.

So, it’s not a journey to the cloud, he said. ’It’s a pragmatic stairstep toward the cloud.’