Amazon Will Launch AWS IoT Button This Summer

Amazon Web Services has taken a page out of the Amazon retail arm's book, emulating the Amazon Dash Button with the limited-release AWS IoT Button.

"A solution can start with something as small as an IoT button," said Mark Relph, AWS IoT head of global business development.

"Our cousins in the retail arm of Amazon use these buttons for fulfillment," he added.

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The IoT Button differs from the Dash Button in that it is a programmable Wi-Fi device through which developers can configure without writing device-specific code.

Through the AWS cloud, users can track items, set and send alerts, order services and provide feedback. The button can also operate as a remote control for Netflix and Philips Hue light bulbs, and serve as a means of checking in or out of Airbnb residences.

The button can integrate with APIs from Twitter, Facebook and Slack.

The button is available on for $19.95 for Amazon prime members, and will be stocked Aug. 23.