DivvyCloud Elevates Cloud Infrastructure Automation And Management

Washington D.C.-area Cloud automation specialist DivvyCloud has simplified management of IT across public and private cloud technologies with its Enterprise Cloud solution.

Vice president Jeremy Snyder demonstrated the DivvyCloud solution at the Microsoft New England Research & Design center. DivvyCloud’s primary customers are in the enterprise space.

"What we're primarily focused on is helping them automate problems within their cloud infrastructure," Snyder said.

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The solution supports 12 different cloud technologies, and the company was recently named an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, AWS' highest technology partner status level.

DivvyCloud focuses on maintaining compliance around security and performance while allowing customers to work within the efficiency and flexibility cloud computing offers.

"The first thing that our system does is it goes through your account and discovers everything that you have running in there. We have our own process for doing this. We interrogate all of the different platforms to discover all of your virtual machines, all of your storage, all of your networks configurations, all of your virtual firewalls, etc.," Snyder said.

The solution allows for real-time supervision of multi-cloud infrastructure, as well as the ability to track firewall rules and users.

In May, DivvyCloud released BotFactory, which enables "bots" that users can layer on top of the flagship solution for further ensured compliance.

"Fundamentally we're kind of a toolkit that allows customers to configure the way that they're doing things within their cloud environments," Snyder said.