How IBM's Weather Company Investment Pays Off For Partners

When IBM acquired The Weather Company at the beginning of the year, it may not have seemed like an obvious investment for the IT giant. But Christopher Rimer, vice president of business partners and channels at IBM, said the acquisition plays directly into IBM’s evolution into a cognitive IT company.

’A lot of people say, ’Why would you acquire The Weather Company? What does IBM need with weather?’ Well, what does IBM not need with weather?’ Rimer said. ’Who doesn’t need weather insights?’

Rimer said that virtually any industry with an interest in human activity - such as transportation or retail - should concern itself with weather. And as the Internet of Things continues to grow, predictive analytics and communications from weather can inform industries.

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’If you want to sell boots, you might want to know when it’s going to be cold and wet,’ Rimer said.

’By introducing data to an operating platform, and making it available and introducing APIs, and doing things that you as partners can stitch into the things you're taking to clients, IBM’s betting that you’ll find that very useful,’ Rimer said.