Digital Nebula's John Shaw: Solution Providers Can 'Capitalize On Cloud Opportunities' By Using Artificial Intelligence

One of the first things artificial intelligence can do for businesses is help them improve the customers' experience and hang on to existing customers longer. That's what Digital Nebula Co-founder John Shaw old CRNtv when we met him at the XChange 2017 conference last week.

"Right now we're working with a number of companies, big and small, on their different applications of AI in their enterprise," said Shaw. "I think we are at a turning point here with the channel. Cloud is becoming very mature, and solution providers can really make more upside on their opportunities with AI as it, kind of, sits on top of cloud."

Shaw said one of the things solution providers can do is change the conversation with customers by using AI to assist them in determining why and when customers decide to leave, and how a company can hang on to customers longer. Digital Nebula is helping companies implement chatbots, using various cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft, to provide companies with a better overall customer experience.

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He said that his company could help solution providers can give businesses a distinct ROI for implementing AI by helping them determine how it fits in with their cloud infrastructure.

"I think this creates a really great opportunity for channel partners to take on," said Shaw.