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WATCH: Dell Explains Why New Offerings Provides The Best Of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Dell EMC Cloud’s Vice President of Product Marketing Varun Chhabra discusses the new Dell Technologies Cloud Platform And Microsoft Azure VMware Solution with CRNtv at Dell Technologies World.

There was a hybrid cloud theme at this year’s Dell Technologies World. Michael Dell and his team unveiled new integrations around VMware and Microsoft Azure in a push to make it easier for customers to infuse advanced capabilities like artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT into their applications.

One of the biggest announcements on Monday centered around the new on-premise Dell Technologies Cloud Platform. Varun Chhabra, vice-president of Product Marketing at Dell EMC Cloud, discussed the details with CRNtv.

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken the best of the Dell EMC infrastructure and combined it with the best of VMware cloud software into a tightly integrated offer for our customers. So, one example would be VXRail with VMware Cloud Foundation tightly integrated in. And the advantage it offers for customers is the VMware Cloud Foundation is integrated at the factory with VXRail so customers don’t have to worry about deploying VXF once they get VXRail. They can get faster times to market and really take advantage of the automation, orchestration capabilities that VMware Cloud Foundation provides and then because this is a hybrid cloud platform, they can also extend that to public clouds. We think this provides customers with the best of hybrid cloud infrastructure that is basically software on-prem and can extend them off-premises as well.”

Many also buzzed about Dell’s expanded partnership with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger and Michael Dell on-stage to launch a common operating framework for running, managing and securing applications across VMware and Azure. CRNtv discussed the details with Joe Quaglia, president of the Americas for Tech Data, a distributor headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.

“Tech Data has a stated strategy of driving cloud and hybrid cloud business across our partnerships across the globe. We are growing a multi-billion-dollar business. Thirty percent, Thirty-five percent year over year. Now, with Dell Technologies and VMware being part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem with Microsoft being a big partner to Tech Data, this just creates even more opportunity to bring into the market solutions that help our partners solve their end-customers cloud solutions.”

Learn more about the Dell’s new cloud solutions in CRNtv’s video.

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