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WATCH: LogicMonitor Founder Says These Are The Cloud Mistakes To Avoid

Diana Blass

Don’t repeat others’ mistakes in the cloud. That’s the message of Steve Francis’ new book, “Preparing Your Migration To The Cloud.”

Francis is the founder and chief evangelist of LogicMonitor, a software-as-a-service performance-based monitoring company based in Santa Barbara, Calif. His new book has been developed specifically for IT operations teams and is said to be the first step-by-step guide for businesses planning to migrate or are actively migrating to the cloud.

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“Everyone just thinks, oh I moved to the cloud it’s instantly scalable,” said Francis, describing one of the biggest misconceptions of the cloud. “It’s not infinitely scalable. All the cloud providers put on limits so that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot that spins our server after server, which can have a very unpleasant effect on your monthly bill.”

The book outlines a practical seven-step migration plan to prepare businesses for cloud migration. It focuses on three major benefits of the cloud: operational agility, strategic focus, and cost savings, and provides a prescriptive look at best practices needed to ensure a successful transition. Readers also learn insights and tips from IT operations leaders including cost management tips and pitfalls to avoid.

“Really what I’m proposing is that people adopt the same transformation initiatives that they do in the rest of their project management, so doing things in smaller intricate more agile steps,” he added. “When you start, don’t be doing a big project that you’re trying to get a big financial ROI on. Do one that you will get an educational ROI on.”

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Copies of the book are available for download at For more of Francis’ interview, watch the video included in this article.

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