Product Pick: APC Universal Notebook Battery UPB80

The slim, lightweight UPB80 may be just the thing for mobile workers looking to get a full day’s use from their notebook computers.

American Power Conversion


West Kingston, R.I.


(800) 788-2208


Price: $249.99
Distributors/Integrators: D&H, Tech Data, Ingram Micro
Warranty: 1 year repair or replace
Authorization requirements: None

Mobile workers often find themselves chained to an A/C outlet to keep their notebook computers running. Although battery life on the typical notebook has increased, usable capacity still falls far short of a full workday or a cross-country flight. APC offers an answer to that dilemma with the UPB80 Universal Notebook Battery.

The 28-ounce UPB80 uses lithium polymer technology and promises up to eight additional hours of battery life. Actual battery life extension can vary depending on user settings and user activities. The UPB80 includes various connectors to work with almost any notebook system. An included cable attaches to a power supply for charging or to a user’s notebook. At just 10x6.5x0.6 inches, the unit is extremely portable. The UPB80 also has four LED status indicators.

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