Acer Adds New LCDs To Lineup

The 17-, 19-, and 20-inch displays feature contrast ratios of up to 600:1, and take VGA, DVI-D (Digital Video Interface-Integrated), and AV video input. Their response times, a measure of how fast a pixel changes from one color to another, important for applications such as games and photo processing, are as fast as 12 milliseconds, said Acer.

Wednesday, rival monitor maker ViewSonic unveiled 17- and 19-inch LCD screens that boast a 4 to 5 millisecond response time.

The Acer displays are available now in North America at prices of $329 for the 17-inch AL1732d, $489 for the 19-inch AL1932d, and $649 for the 20-inch AL2032wd.

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