Sanyo Develops Chip Compatible With All CD, DVD Formats

The signal processing LSI is based on Sanyo's conventional DVD/CD signal processing chip, dubbed the LC897496. Sanyo added HD DVD signal processing blocks as random logic to the cell-based DVD/CD LSI.

The single-chip LSI will make up a three-format compatible drive for PCs. With an audio/video coding module, it will offer the full functions of an HD DVD, DVD and CD player/recorder.

According to Sanyo, the chip will cover all digital right management systems used in those formats including AACS (Advanced access content system) for HD DVD, when the final version of AACS becomes available.

The chip will use a 0.18-micron CMOS process and come in a 216-pin LQFP. It operates on 3.3V.

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Sanyo expects the single-chip solution to lower costs for all format signal processing and reduce the size of HD DVD products. It will initially produce the chip starting next Spring for its HD DVD products, with widespread commercial availability expected the third quarter of 2006.