New Sun Thin Clients Ready To Access Windows Apps


The new offering, slated to ship at the end of May as part of the Sun Ray Software package, will offer full-screen access to Windows applications, said Alan Brenner, senior vice president of the Client Systems Group–Software at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sun.

Access to Windows Terminal Services is possible thanks to a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that Sun developed in-house, Brenner said. Sun licensed Microsoft's RDP specification last year after the companies pledged to work together more closely on interoperability, he said.

Sun's thin-client architecture currently supports Solaris and Linux applications. The Windows addition will open up a variety options for companies relying on thin clients, according to Brenner.

"With Sun Ray [Software], you can now do full-screen Windows, Linux and Solaris," he said.

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Sun Ray Software is priced at $99 for a single license, $1,780 for 20 seats and $7,900 for 100 seats. A beta of the software with Windows support is available for download on Sun's Web site.

Also on Wednesday, Sun unveiled two new thin clients. The Sun Ray 2 is billed as a low-cost option, and the Sun Ray 2 FS includes support for dual monitors running at resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 and a built-in fibre port for increased security. Pricing is $249 and $499, respectively.

Both models are about the size of a typical router and include a smart-card slot, USB slots and a SIM card slot. Brenner said the units draw about 4 watts of power, considerably less than a typical PC. The products are expected to ship in the late May or early June time frame.

Sun's current Sun Ray 1G is priced at $299. The Sun Ray 170, an all-in-one model with a 17-inch flat-panel display, costs $869.

Sun's thin-client hardware and software is available direct from the Sun Store as well as through Sun partners.