Dell Expands Use Of Tools To Remotely Service Customer Computers

In addition, the Round Rock, Texas, computer maker planned to roll out its DellConnect software to service representatives in other countries throughout the rest of the year, spokesman Mike Maher said.

The remote diagnostic tools had been used in pilot projects involving a limited number of technicians, Maher said. The spokesman declined to say how many U.S. service reps would now use the tools, but said it was "well into the thousands." The expansion was due to "overwhelmingly positive feedback" from customers.

Dell computers ship with the software tools, which are activated by service reps with the permission of customers. By commandeering the computers, technicians can often find and correct problems faster than trying to talk the customer through the fix.

In order for the service to be used, customers need to have a broadband connection. The remote tools are particularly effective at fixing software and maintenance issues, as well as installing the right setting or software drivers for printers, cameras and other gadgets, Dell said.

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