HP Unveils Entry-Level NonStop Server

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The HP Integrity NonStop NS1000 Server is built for 24 x 7 availability to business applications. A financial services company, for example, could use the server as the backbone of ATM and point-of-sale transactions.

The system includes hardware, operating system, software and database, officials with the Palo Alto, Calif., computer maker said. The server is powered by Intel Itanium 2 processors. Supported configurations include two to eight processors, four and eight gigabytes of memory, 1.3 GHz/3 MB cache and the ability to connect up to 32 terabytes of disk storage per system using internal disks.

The NonStop software suite provides fault tolerance/fault isolation, dynamic workload balancing, linear scalability, application virtualization and cluster programming transparency.

The NS1000 costs $85,000 per processor.

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