IBM Touts New Server Power


The company announced the System p5 595, a 64-core speed machine capable of 4 million transactions per minute, Tuesday. IBM said the record speed was possible because of its Dual Stress processor technology, developed for high-speed videogames. It is the first time that IBM has used the technology in System p5 machines.

The company stated that the new IBM System p5 595 aims to improve efficiency and leverage IBM's Virtualization Engine technology offerings to accommodate up to 10 virtual servers, or partitions, per processor core, enabling consolidation to a single box.

IBM scientists discovered a method of simultaneously stretching and compressing silicon to deliver up to a 24 percent transistor speed increase, at the same power levels. IBM said its strained silicon helps prevent higher power and heat levels from electrical leaks or inefficient switching.

The company said the server system is designed for scalability and will allow clients to consolidate.

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