UPDATE: Lenovo To Unveil High-End Desktop With AMD Processor

Earlier this year, Lenovo said it would be using AMD processors in notebooks and systems aimed at consumers and small businesses. The planned Tuesday announcement appears to be the first AMD-based desktop aimed at larger customers.

The A60 systems can be configured with AMD's Sempron or Athlon 64 processors, according to Lenovo. They also support serial ATA with up to two 500-Gbyte hard drives, DDR2 memory and Nvidia's GF 6100 integrated graphics or additional PCI Express graphics adapters. Pricing starts at $379 for models with Sempron processors and $519 for models with Athlon 64 processors.

Lenovo acquired IBM's desktop and notebook business in late 2004. IBM also recently expanded its relationship with AMD, adding more Opteron-based servers to its server product lineup.

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