AMD, SimpleTech To Devise DDR3 Modules

The companies will define and develop SDRAM registered dual-inline memory modules (RDIMMs). DDR3 RDIMM modules are planned as the natural evolution over today's DDR2-based solutions.

The work of the two companies is being conducted within JEDEC, a coalition of approximately 270 companies focused on the creation of open standards.

"AMD and SimpleTech are leading an open and collaborative effort within our industry to drive DDR3 along a seamless upgrade path, combined with a step function improvement in performance-per-watt characteristics," said Levi Murray, director of technology enabling and infrastructure development at AMD (Sunnyvale, Calif.), in a statement.

The two companies had specific roles in defining the overall solution. AMD defined the timing of the interface and termination characteristics, while module and subsystems supplier SimpleTech (Santa Ana, Calif.) mapped out the register component to support standard height as well as VLP and ATCA applications.

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In this new design, register and PLL functions are integrated into a single device to reduce overall system power consumption, according to the companies. SimpleTech also initiated the inside-out dual fly-by signaling approach used for all DDR3 RDIMM layouts.

Densities are designed to range from 512-MB to 32-GB. Validation is under way, testing is expected to begin in 2007 and full production is planned by 2008.