Mac's OS Share Stays Flat

operating system

According to data gathered by Net Applications, the Mac OS in all its flavors held down 4.35 percent of the world's operating system share in December. At the end of August 2006, it accounted for 4.33 percent.

Intel-powered Macs made up a growing portion of that figure since January, Net Applications added. At 0.62 percent of all systems by August -- about 1 in every 7 Macs -- Intel-equipped Macs have been a quick success.

"While this slight dip may not seem to be a cause for concern for most observers, the fact that Mac usage was steadily growing until this year's stagnation may be indicative of larger Apple problems," Net Applications said in a statement. Apple has been hit with charges of accounting regularities, and in August recalled nearly 2 million batteries in its iBook and PowerBook laptops.

By comparison, Windows XP made up 84.18 percent of the operating systems used by machines accessing the Web sites measured by Net Applications during August. The company's most recent operating system trend data can be found here.

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