HP, Sony: HP Laptop Design Presents No Battery Problems

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The Palo Alto, Calif.-based computer maker and Tokyo-based electronics giant said in a joint statement that they have reviewed the use of Sony batteries in HP systems and found no risk of overheating.

"HP and Sony have studied and agreed that there are currently no safety issues with regard to HP battery packs using 2.4Ah or 2.6Ah Sony cells, although no battery is immune to failure or overheating," the companies said in a joint press release. "As a result, HP determined that it is not necessary for HP to join the global battery replacement program that Sony has announced to address end-user concern related to recent overheating incidents."

HP said that so far it has received no complaints or reports of overheating in its notebooks that use Sony battery cells.

Last week, Sony said it would, in conjunction with laptop vendors, initiate a global recall of its affected and suspect battery packs. Vendors including Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Toshiba have engaged in varying degrees of recalls and battery exchanges as a result of defects in Sony battery cells. Since earlier this year, there have been several reports of laptops bursting into flames or overheating severely as a result of faulty battery cells made by Sony.

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HP, however, said it has not found itself caught in the battery crossfire.

"To date, HP has received no reports of overheating in any HP notebook using Sony cells currently included in the global replacement program announced by Sony on Sept. 28, 2006," the two companies said.