SGI Emerges From Bankruptcy 'Lean And Ready'


Originally called Silicon Graphics, the company said it has reengineered its business model and strengthened its product line. SGI is touting a new management team, a new board of directors and new sources of funding. SGI has been recapitalized, has a balanced operating budget, and $115 million in exit financing, the company said.

"The expansive SGI product line enables the company, for the first time, to address up to 80 percent of a customer's total information technology spend," said CEO Dennis McKenna in a prepared statement.

SGI noted that it recently introduced the SGI Altix XE family of x86-64 servers and clusters that run on dual-core Intel Xeon processors. SGI also has recently enhanced its Linux clusters and blade servers. Some SGI servers run on Intel Itanium 2 processors.

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