First Mac Tablet Set To Debut

The ModBook, a high-end slate-style notebook computer, is being developed by a cooperative effort between hardware manufacturer Axiotron and Other World Computing, a Mac product manufacturer and reseller.

The Axiotron ModBook features Wacom's Penabled hardware for pen input and is fully compatible with Apple's Inkwell, a Mac OS X Tiger feature that provides system-level handwriting and gesture recognition for Mac applications, the company said. Axiotron said users will be able to draw and write directly on the screen. They're aiming the product at professionals, students, and artists. The ModBook also is the only portable Mac system that features an optional built-in Global Positioning System, the company said. The Axiotron ModBook GPS Module was developed in cooperation with GlobalSat Technologies using the SiRFstar III chipset for shorter first location fix times and improved tracking capabilities.

Axiotron has announced that Macworld Expo attendees will be able to try out the ModBook at the show, starting on Jan. 9. Pricing and feature details will be available then.

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