A Look At Four Cool Products


FreeZone CPU Cooler from CoolIT Systems

CARD COLLECTING Most business people are too busy—or too lazy—to organize collected business cards, let alone store all the info in some kind of manageable database. Those suffering that condition can get fast relief with CardScan Executive Version 8 from CardScan, Cambridge, Mass. The desktop USB card scanner comes with automatic contact management software combo and can synchronize with Outlook, PDAs, smart phones, ACT, Lotus Notes and GoldMine. The bundled software starts automatically when a business card is scanned. Color scans take only three seconds, and the contact info is stored in a digital address book. Other contacts can be dragged and dropped into the database from e-mail and Web sites. Stored contacts can be exported to iPods and Dymo LabelWriters and mapped using MapQuest.com, Google Maps, Ask.com maps, Expedia.com and MultiMap.com. A Duplicates Wizard helps eliminate redundant records. The Executive version, with software licensed for one user, costs $260; a two-user version is expandable for more users and can share contact files across a network. MSRP: $400

CardScan Executive Version 8 from CardScan

PUBLIC SAFETY Many businesses offer visitors wireless Internet access; it's almost expected these days. And as long as the business already has Internet access, it doesn't cost anything—that is, unless one of those visitors happens to be a hacker. GuestGate from IC Intracom, Oldsmar, Fla., lets businesses offer guests Internet access without compromising network security or the privacy of other guests. Out of the box, the device secures network data using Host Network Protection technology and also restricts connections between guest computers via Layer 3 client isolation. Guest computers can connect to GuestGate by a direct connection to one of its ports, to a LAN switch that's connected to one of its ports or to a wireless access point that's connected to one of its ports. The device automatically adjusts to the Internet settings of a guest's computer so no one has to make any adjustments to any of the visitors' computers. The device also offers bandwidth control and password access for tighter security, and it carries a lifetime warranty. MSRP: $249

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GuestGate from IC Intracom

KEEP IT CLEAN Everyone wonders from time to time who might have been the last user of a public keyboard and what germs they might have been carrying. This can be a genuine concern in libraries and schools and a more urgent one in doctors' offices. The SpillSeal Washable Keyboard from Unotron, Irving, Texas, can put those worries to rest. It can be sprayed or wiped down with disinfectants or fully submersed in water or hospital-grade cleaning solutions. The 104-key wireless keyboard comes with a PS/2 adapter for universal compatibility and features 15 hot keys. It's resistant to strong water pressure, dust, debris, sand and ice, has a detachable wrist rest, and is available in black or light gray. Other washable peripherals include a mouse and business card scanner. MSRP: $80

The SpillSeal Washable Keyboard from Unotron