Apple Releases Vista Compatibility Patch For iTunes, But Problems Remain

Apple's iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0, posted to the computer maker's Web site over the weekend, is designed to "repair permissions for important files required by iTunes to play your iTunes Store purchases," according to Apple.

In blog postings, iTunes users who upgraded their personal computers to Windows Vista reported receiving error messages when attempting to play songs on their PCs that were purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Store.

The fix is available for download on Apple's Web site.

The patch, however, does not address what Apple says are more serious compatibility issues between iTunes, its iPod digital music player, and Windows Vista. Apple is warning iTunes and iPod customers to hold off upgrading their PCs to Microsoft's new operating system until it issues a more comprehensive fix.

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Apple says iPod users could corrupt their digital music players if they try to eject the devices from a desktop port using the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature found on the Vista system tray. Apple says the only safe way to undock an iPod from a Vista-equipped PC, for now, is to use the "Eject iPod" control in the iTunes software.

Apple says iPod customers could experience a number of other problems if they're running Vista, including contacts and calendars that won't sync with their iPods and problems making changes to iPod settings.

Apple, in a posting on its support forum, said the problems will be fixed when it releases the next version of iTunes "within a few weeks."