Samsung Joins Apple In Vista Troubles

A Samsung official told the Yonhap News Agency in South Korea that the company's tests show that some of its MP3 models aren't being recognized by Vista, the latest version of Windows that Microsoft shipped to consumers at the end of last month. Samsung officials were unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

Smaller Korean manufacturers also have reported similar problems, according to Yonhap. Those companies include ReignCom and Cowon Systems.

Apple last weekend posted on its Web site a patch for a compatibility problem between its iTunes music player software and Vista. The fix was needed to enable the software to play purchases from the iTunes music store.

The patch, however, didn't correct more serious problems between iTunes, the iPod digital music player, and Windows Vista. Apple said iPod users could corrupt their players if they tried to eject the devices from a desktop port using the hardware-remove feature in Vista. As a workaround, Apple recommended using the iPod ejection control in the iTunes software. Apple expected to fix the problem in the next version of iTunes, which is scheduled to ship in a few weeks.

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