Kodak Offers Cheap Ink With New Printer Line

Kodak's EasyShare AiO printers use cartridges that sell for $10 for black ink and $15 for a five-ink color cartridge. In launching the three models, Kodak is on a collision course with Hewlett-Packard, the market leader in printing.

"After today, the inkjet market will never be the same," Antonio M. Perez, chairman and chief executive for Kodak, said in a statement. "We are changing the rules in this industry to ensure that consumers can affordably print what they want."

The printers are capable of producing quality color photos, as well as text and graphics. The all-in-one hardware has print, scan and copy capabilities. The 5100 model sells for $150, the 5300 for $200, and the 5500 for $300. The lower-priced models are scheduled to ship in March. The 5500 is set to be on store shelves in May.

Kodak, an icon in traditional photography, has been undergoing a major transformation in its business as it tries to carve out a piece of the crowded digital photography market. The company in January reported its first quarterly profit in two years.

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