Case Closed: MonCaso Has The Look

Intended for the home theater PC market, the MonCaso 932B case is constructed with a built-in color touch-screen display. Because the PC has its own display, users don't have to turn on the television screen to control the computer. The 7-inch LCD screen has a native resolution of 1,024 x 768, making it ideal for system navigation and file browsing. A wireless keyboard with a built-in trackball and an RF remote control are included with the case.

The MonCaso 932B case measures 17 x 18.5 x 6.75 inches. Finished in either black or silver, the high-quality aluminum case has slotted vents on its sides that lend to its high-tech appearance and also allow for adequate airflow.

Four 80mm cooling fans come preinstalled. Two of the fans are mounted in the rear, and each of the two internal hard-drive cages also has a fan. Note that although the drive cages have the capacity for four hard drives, some of the fans can be eliminated to make for a quieter system.

System builders will have to provide an ATX-style motherboard and power supply, as neither is included with the case. They also must supply an optical drive—typically a DVD burner—and at least one hard drive. The input signal for the built-in display comes from a VGA cable that passes through the rear panel of the case and plugs into the installed graphics card. (Moneual Lab recommends that a dual-display graphics card be used.) The display's touch-screen output signal connects to the motherboard via a four-pin USB header.

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Of course once all the necessary hardware is installed in the MonCaso 932B, the system builder must add the operating system. Windows Vista will likely make systems even more cutting-edge.