3 Questions with AMD CEO Hector Ruiz


HECTOR RUIZ: With the launch of the original AMD Opteron processor in 2003, AMD forever changed the x86 computing landscape. The Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor launch is similarly an industry-defining moment. We're bringing to market the world's most innovative x86 processor ever designed. I hoped we would have launched our new quad-core products earlier, but the timing doesn't impact that we are delivering a best-in-class product designed first and foremost to best meet the needs of our customers. Our competitor may have enjoyed a brief window of exclusivity in offering a quad-core product, but that window is shut. The door is wide open for AMD as we believe we are delivering a solution that will prove to be the smarter choice.

CHANNELWEB: What are you thinking Barcelona's impact on the channel will be, on Sept. 10, in three months, in six months, in a year? What is AMD doing to get its channel ready for this new technology?

HECTOR RUIZ: The impact on the channel will be significant. We are delivering the most advanced x86 quad-core processor on the market and we have helped prepare the channel better than ever before. We have nine validated server platforms at launch, a first for AMD, and AMD's channel partners can be early to market with Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor-based solutions. We have more than 50 quad-core ready platforms available through leading OEMs like Acer, Cray, Dell, Egenera, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, Gateway HP, IBM and Sun for the VAR community. All of these are upgradeable to Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors with a switch of the chip and a BIOS flash. Later this year you'll see even greater enablement for the channel, including continued rollouts from AMD's OEM and system-builder partners, and higher-frequency quad-core parts. You'll also continue to see more validated platforms as we continue to enhance our channel programs. All of this positions our channel partners ! to deliver the innovative solutions their customers want and need. This launch also sets the stage for phenomenal performance later this year in PCs for digital media and gaming enthusiasts. Our channel partners and their customers have that to look forward to as well.

CHANNELWEB: Can you give us a timeline on Phenom's general release? How is AMD working with system builder partners ahead of that date to ensure that this new Quad-Core desktop CPU has the best platforms and is ready to start building systems around when you do release it?

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HECTOR RUIZ: AMD Phenom quad-core processors are planned to be available in the fourth quarter, and will further extend AMD's tradition of architectural leadership and customer-centric innovation. We remain committed to help our channel partners differentiate their product portfolios and grow their businesses. With the Quad-Core AMD Opteron and AMD Phenom processors, AMD is collaborating with system builder partners to make sure they have what they need to innovate and develop solutions. Through our AMD Validated Solutions program, we are helping system builders deliver top-of-the-line commercial client systems based on AMD64 technology and best-of-breed platforms. I'm very confident our systems builder partners will be well prepared by AMD to deliver their trademark excellence.


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