The 10 Coolest Wearables Revealed At CES 2024

Garmin, Bose and Jabra are some of the makers of the coolest wearable technology that will be on display at CES 2024.

Headphones. Smartwatches. Even a smart safety helmet and technology for people with limited hearing and vision.

These are some of the standout wearable technology that will be on display this year at CES 2024, the Consumer Technology Association’s annual trade show in Las Vegas.

CES 2024 runs Jan. 9 to Jan. 12 and should have about 130,000 people in attendance and more than 4,000 exhibitors, according to the organizers.

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CES 2024 Wearables

In December, market research firm IDC reported that worldwide shipments of wearable devices grew 2.6 percent year over year during the third quarter of 2023. Shipments reached an all-time high for the third quarter of 148.4 million units – more than when sales were driven by pandemic-related spending.

Some of the wearables that made the list include:

Read on for the coolest wearable technology that will be featured at CES 2024.

Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey Laboratories is the company behind Genesis AI, hearing aid technology that includes an on-board deep neural network accelerator engine.

Genesis AI promises wearers the ability to hear soft sounds without noise, more natural distinguishing of words and speech and less work listening, according to the Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company, founded in 1967.

Wearers can leverage Genesis AI’s Edge Mode+ for continued scanning, adapting and optimizing as acoustic environments change, according to Starkey. The device’s receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid lasts up to 51 hours and is waterproof.

The My Starkey application offers fall detection alerts, hearing aid adjustment controls, lost aids finder, call streaming, step counting and other features, according to the company.

Bodylog Chest Patch

LuxNine’s Bodylog chest patch provides real-time vital sign monitoring and can detect falls and other emergencies.

The patch can also provide a severity assessment and post-incident report for the fall or emergency, according to Seoul-based LuxNine, which is known for making mattresses.

The patch monitors heart activity, autonomic nervous system (ANS), oxygen saturation (SpO2), temperature, respiratory rate and other measurements.

Garmin Epix Pro

Follow the light, and it just may lead to Garmin’s Epix Pro smartwatch, which offers a built-in LED flashlight and 1.3-inch active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display.

The light options include variable intensity and a red safety light to aid with night time use, according to Olathe, Kan.-based Garmin. Users can also turn on a strobe mode.

The watch’s battery lasts up to 16 days – 30 hours in GPS mode – and the watch can score endurance to show the effects of users’ training routines. The Epix Pro is thermal, shock and water resistant.

Garmin Venu 3

Garmin’s Venu 3 positions itself as the hottest iteration of GPS smartwatches and fitness trackers.

The device has up to 14 days of battery life, more than 30 sports applications – including wheelchair exercises, walking, running, cycling and pool swimming – and animated workouts and measures sleep duration and quality, among other functions, according to Olathe, Kan.-based Garmin.

Users can receive and send calls and texts with the device, which also works with the Garmin Connect app for iPhone and Android.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

QuietComfort Ultra Headphones brings Bose’s most advanced technologies yet for listening to music, calls and other audio and tuning out noise beyond the headphone cushions.

Premium features for QuietComfort Ultra include audio quality personalization, improved noise cancellation and voice pickup, according to Framingham, Mass.-based Bose. The headphones have technology that optimizes audio playback based on ear properties.

The headphones work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, FaceTime and other voice over internet protocol (VoIP) applications. QuietComfort Ultra has a Bluetooth range of about 30 feet and a battery that lasts up to 24 hours. The device measures 7.7 inches by 5.5 inches by 2 inches. They weigh about .6 pounds.

Bose spinoff Bose Professional offers a partner program for system integrators, resellers and other partner business types, according to the company.

Guidi Smart Belt

AI for assisting people with limited vision powers the Guidi smart belt.

With a detection range of about 16 feet, sensors that scan for obstacles and vibrations to warn users, Guidi aims to help people with limited vision navigate the world, according to AI Guided, the Hong Kong-based startup behind the belt.

The device’s onboard system functions without GPS or Wi-Fi, according to AI Guided. The belt’s battery can last for more than 10 hours, and its Braille design is aimed at people who also have limited vision. It weighs about 1.2 pounds.

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX

Signia positions its Silk Charge&Go IX devices as the discreet hearing aid that still packs a powerful completely in canal (CIC) experience.

The textured surface aims to avoid reflections to avoid drawing attention, according to Singapore-based Signia. The hearing aids are rechargeable, with a battery that lasts a day, and have a mic designed for complex listening environments.

The devices also have an integrated power bank for four additional charges. They also charge wirelessly, according to the company.

Jabra Elite 8 Active

Jabra wants its Elite 8 Active earbuds to be the world’s toughest, with dust protection, water resistance even with prolonged submersion by about 5 feet and silicone coating to prevent movement in the ear. The case itself is also protected against the elements.

The buds have 6 millimeter speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, six mics and listening power for about eight hours, up to 14 hours with the right settings, according to Denmark-based Jabra. The buds allow for wind noise cancellation when on the move. The buds also connect with smartwatches.

The company also has a partner program for resellers and other partner business types, according to Jabra.

Vuzix Ultralite S Smart Glasses

Lightweight and fashionable is how Vuzix wants users to view its Ultralite S smart glasses, which employ augmented reality (AR) technology for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

The S connects to smartphones and smartwatches and provides see-through images of directions, messages, health measurements, work data and other information, according to Rochester, N.Y.-based Vuzix.

The glasses also eliminate the eye glow and forward light of other waveguide-based products and keep users aware of surroundings with a heads-up display, according to the company.

Vuzix has a partner program for resellers, distributors and other partner business types.

Proxgy SmartHat

The SmartHat from Proxgy seeks to reimagine safety helmets for industrial workers.

The hat is waterproof with an infrared sensor-equipped front camera for low-light image capture and video recording, according to the India-based company. The hat has a check-in function to alert if it is worn improperly, a volume control and radio transmitting capability.

SmartHat can sense multiple types of flammable and toxic gasses, and haptic feedback alerts wearers to overhead objects. The device can detect heart rate, body temperature, noise, humidity and other vital and environmental measures, according to Proxgy.

CEO Pulkit Ahuja founded Proxgy in 2020, according to his Linkedin account.