IBM, MediaTek Ride mmWave To High-Speed, HD Wireless Signal

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The companies will jointly work on developing the technology using millimeter wave [mmWave] radio technology, which utilizes the highest frequency on the radio spectrum where large amounts of information can be sent quickly, the companies said.

Once enabled, users can transmit data at least 100 times higher than current Wi-Fi standards, they said. For example, a 10 gigabyte file could be uploaded in five seconds vs. a current average of 10 minutes using Wi-Fi.

"This collaborative effort will enable consumers to wirelessly transfer large multimedia data files around their home and/or offices in seconds," said Dr. T.C. Chen, vice president of science and technology at IBM Research. "This will enable a world where you can have your entertainment when you want and where you want it."

The new technology could allow consumers to eliminate wires into HDTVs and cable boxes, and the speeds could have commercial benefits for businesses as well.

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IBM Research has been researching mmWave technology for the last four years, the company said. In February 2006, IBM demonstrated a prototype packaged chipset as small as a dime to wirelessly transmit uncompressed HD Video using its 0.13-micron silicon germanium BiCMOS process to manufacture the chips.