Xerox: Printer Is Fast, Quiet, Environmentally Friendly

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"Xerox has come out and said they're a good steward of the environment," says Ken Knepper, product marketing manager, Xerox Office Group. "Every generation should be more efficient and have more recyclable materials. There's quite a push for that on our side." Knepper says additional features, like a customizable sleep mode and a print speed more than double that of the previous model (up to12 color pages a minute) represent "significant advances" over the 6120, the unit it replaces.

The printer also recognizes and automatically skips pages in a document that do not include any text or images, which helps reduce waste and speeds production time. All models come with Run Black, a feature that allows the printer to produce monochrome prints if color cartridges are low, and Printing Scout, which monitors ink levels. The program can notify up to three people, which makes it an attractive feature for VARs, Knepper says.

"With this setup, channel partners can monitor and provide services," he says. "Or you can set up an automatic purchase plan." He says resellers are picking up on the idea of adding value and asking the end user to set up that email alert to improve the flow of business. "That's been working for some of the more savvy resellers for some time now," he says. Printing Scout debuted two-and-a-half years ago, Knepper says, and the company recently implemented a smaller version designed to work on Mac operating systems.

The printer also utilizes a faster 333MHz processor and print engine that can handle a 40,000 page print job if an SMB required it. New advances in toner design have reduced the size of the cartridges to six-inch long, two-inch wide cylinders, half the size of the competition's, says Knepper. The 6130 uses Emulsion Aggregation High Gloss (EAHG) that uses less power to manufacture, he says.

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The printer retails for $449, although a $50 instant rebate promotion is being offered through December 31.