Apple Reveals Date For SDK Announcement


"Apple has understood the importance of local applications and they are responding to that, and it will help them sell more iPhones," Tim Bajarin, principal analyst of Creative Strategies, told Reuters. ""It should release a plethora of creative applications and it will make the iPhone much more practical as a mobile applications tool."

When the iPhone debuted last June, the inability for outside programmers to offer applications that could run on the phone caused an uproar in the development community. Although Apple did not elaborate on what enterprise features would be announced, Bajarin said the announcement shows Apple has acknowledged that there has been great interest in the enterprise community for the iPhone. "There's no question it has great potential in enterprise given the right application," he said.

Apple also quietly released a firmware update for the iPhone, available through iTunes. The 162.1MB patch, software version 1.1.4, "includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions," according to the release from Apple. Internet speculation suggests the patch may have been released in preparation for the impending announcement next week.

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