Positivo Informatica Reports More Than 1 Million PCs Sold

Company President Helio Rotenberg believes the performance shows the company's successful efforts to increase sales to the three main segments: corporate, government, and retail. He emphasized the increase in PC sales. "It's the first time Brazil sells more computers than TV sets, and it is very exciting," said Rotenberg.

As one of the youngest company divisions, the corporate unit has registered the major growth during the period, close to 200 percent, according to Rotenberg. "There are so many opportunities in this sector, and they will be explored during the whole year."

According to preliminary data sent by Rotenberg, in the first nine months of 2007, the retail segment bought almost 780,000 computers, an increase of 76.6 percent over the same period of 2006. Meanwhile, the government segment acquired 132,800 machines, a raise of 88.5 percent and the corporate segment acquired 28,000 computers, representing a jump of 179.6 percent over the nine first months of 2006.

During the period, Positivo sales channel reported 940,700 equipment sales, increasing the volume in 76.6 percent over the same period of 2006.

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For the entire 2007, among PCs sold by the company, desktop computers registered an increase of 45.7 percent, with 1.149 million machines sold, and the notebooks had a jump of 423.9 percent over 2006, reaching a total of 239,000 units.

The distribution model, which until now had counted on only one distributor, the local company Officer, continues to garner Rotenberg's attention. He does not deny the possibility of registering new distribution partners. "We are studying every possible alternative."

Also, Rotenberg celebrated the reduction in the grey market and made a bet on the resale sector, to disseminate its machines and collaborate to legalize the market.

According to IDC, in 2007, the company achieved 24.3 percent of the'Brazilian PC market. Positivo Informatica is also the 3rd PC manufacturer in Latin America and number 10 in the world.

This story originally appeared in Portuguese here.