Lenovo Will Run The IT Show At Beijing Summer Olympics


For a full year Lenovo has been testing more than 20,000 products, from servers to desktop and notebook computers to monitors, to make sure the system is airtight. From June 10-12, Lenovo will have its final test of the technology infrastructure that will support the Beijing Olympic Games, with atechnology rehearsal that will bring in more than 300 Lenovo engineers, the company said Thursday. In August at the Olympics, Lenovo will have 580 engineers on-site.

In the past year Lenovo has tested the system during various athletic competitions including archery, diving, synchronized swimming and tae kwon do competitions. "Lenovo is delighted to report that the successful 'Good Luck, Beijing' test events proved the strength of our hardware backbone and our team of technicians that will support every aspect of the Beijing Games," said Alice Li, Lenovo vice president of Olympic Marketing, in a statement.

"The next challenge will be the comprehensive rehearsal, where [the Olympic Committee] will flip the 'on' switch, implementing all the technology systems and looking for anything that can possibly go wrong. We know that our PCs, which are the best-engineered in the world, as well as our team of engineers, will meet this challenge with ingenuity and determination."

During the test, engineers will have to rehearse dealing with problems ranging from missing equipment, cut cables, security breaches and power outages, testing more than 95 percent of the equipment, most of which has been chosen to suit particular environments. For example, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M55e desktop PC has been tested to work in the Beijing National Aquatics Center where conditions are particularly damp. Outdoor equipment has also been tested for durability, Lenovo said.

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Lenovo products will be used to run the Games Management System, which handles accreditation, transportation, sports entries, qualifications, and staff and volunteer deployments, the company said.