Lenovo Launches First U.S. Consumer Desktop PC

Lenovo launched a desktop computer the United States on Monday, bringing it to the consumer desktop market outside of China for the first time.

The PC maker's IdeaCentre K210 desktop computer incorporates new technologies like Bright Vision, which adjusts the brightness of a monitor based on how far the user is from it, if they have the required Lenovo Bright Eye Camera hardware.

Another option, requiring the Bright Eye Camera, is VeriFace 3 facial recognition technology which allows for user-authentication by matching images taken with the camera, said Lenovo, of Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The K210 desktop runs on an Intel Core 2 Quad or other Intel processor and has Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics. It has an optional Blu-Ray HD-DVD player and high-definition audio 5.1. The machine can also be tailored for gaming with an upgrade to ATI Raedon 2600 XT (512 MB) graphics cards.

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The K210 also comes with an anti-microbial keyboard and Lenovo Vantage Technology for backup and recovery from system crashes and viruses.

The IdeaCentre K210 is available from Lenovo's Website, retail outlets and resellers.

After a mail-in rebate, the system costs $379. A L195W 19-inch monitor can be added for $229 after mail-in rebate and a L222W 22-inch monitor can be added for $299 after mail-in rebate.