Dell To Transition Laptop Displays to LED Technology


Beginning Dec. 15, 2008, two-thirds of Dell's Latitude E-Family laptops, including the E4200, E4300, E6400, E6400 ATG and E6500, will be shipped with mercury-free LED back lighting as a standard feature. Dell's Precision M2400 and M4400 mobile workstations will also ship with LED back lighting, according to Jeff Clarke, senior vice president of Dell Product Group.

"Our customers have made it clear that they want the greenest technology possible," Clarke said in a statement from Dell''s Mobility Summit in Monaco. "As an industry, we can shape the future of green innovation and significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with mobile computing. Dell is committed to leading the transition to energy-efficient LED technology."

LED displays are highly recyclable an use less energy compared to cold cathode fluourescent lamp (CCFL) technology, according to Dell. For example, a 15-inch LED display requires 43 percent less power at maximum brightness, the company said.

Dell estimates that customers will save approximately $20 million and 220 million kilowatt-hours in 2010 and 2011 combined.

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The Round Rock, Texas-based vendor said at least 80 percent of its total laptop volume will be delivered with LED as a standard back-lit display by the end of 2009 and 100 percent in 2010.

The move is part of Dell's initiative to become the "greenest" technology company on the planet, the company said.

Last month, it met its carborn-neutral goal and in June it became the first company to introduce an "80 PLUS Gold-certified" power supply for servers, as outlined by the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.