Upcoming Apple Event: Psst, The Password Is Notebook

The journalists-only invite entitled "The Spotlight Turns To Notebooks," will likely be an unveiling of the company's lower-priced laptops or laptops made out of aluminum or laptops called bricks. The notoriously closed-mouth company did not provide an agenda for the gathering and only gave directions to its Cupertino, Calif.-based campus.

While no one seems to be sure what Apple's plans are, the speculation seems to have helped the company' stock, which gained 2.2 percent in Thursday mid-afternoon trading, no small feat these days.

Earlier Thursday, several Apple blogs repeated a posting from the Web site, The Inquisitr, which said that the company was set to unveil an $800 MacBook. According to blogger Duncan Riley, a reliable source told him that Apple retail stores have reportedly been handed price sheets that detail 12 price points for the new laptops, with prices ranging from $800 to $3,100. If the rumors are true, it would mark the first Apple laptop to retail for less than $1,000. A new $800 MacBook would mean a $300 decrease from the cheapest MacBook now available.

Talk about the "Brick" is a bit trickier. Some have speculated that "Brick" is a code name for the new MacBook that supposedly has been crafted from a single brick of aluminum using lasers and water jets. Other soothsayers believe it could be software or an Apple iTablet.

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Whatever the case, Steve Jobs is reportedly alive and well, despite earlier rumors to the contrary.