'Green' Batteries To Power HP Notebooks

Boston Power will sell the Sonata as a "green" power supply for laptop computers. According to the manufacturer, the next-generation lithium-ion battery delivers like-new performance for three years. Consumers will be able to purchase the optional Sonata batteries for use with select HP consumer notebook PCs early next year. The HP Enviro Series program notebook batteries with Sonata technology will come with a three-year warranty.

Initially targeting notebook PCs, Sonata's "drop-in" form factor means it can be used with existing notebook computers. HP customers with compatible PCs can purchase Sonata-powered batteries to replace their existing batteries or use them as spares on long trips or plane flights. No system changes are required.

The agreement puts Boston Power in the rechargeable battery arena against players such as Sony and Panasonic. What differentiates Boston Power is its focus on creating environmentally responsible products. The Sonata, according to the company, can be charged to capacity 1,000 times and can be recharged 50 percent faster than other batteries.

"By partnering with Boston Power, we are able to offer our customers batteries with a longer life span and help reduce the amount of technology waste in landfills," said Jonathan Kaye, director of consumer notebooks at HP, in a statement.

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