Lenovo and LG Want To Look Good At CES

Display LCD

Although Lenovo has yet to make an official confirmation, numerous news sites, including India technology daily Techtree, are reporting the vendor's upcoming Mobile Workstation ThinkPad W700ds will have a dual LCD screen: 17 inches on the primary screen and 10.6 inches on a slide out, secondary screen.

Techtree reported the W700 ds weighs 4.98 kilos (about 11 pounds), and will be priced starting around $3,600. It features a choice of Intel Core 2 quad processors and an Nvidia Quatro FX 3700M GPU. Additional features include RAM that can be maxed to 8 GB, several HDD/SSD bays and a built-in electronic drawing pad through a WACOM digitizer.

Lenovo launched its original W700 workstation in August 2008.

On LG's part, the Seoul-based display maker officially announced a 14.1 inch LCD panel for notebook PCs that when used outdoors is illuminated by sunlight, through the use of selective reflection plates in traditional backlight panels. According to LG, it is the first LCD panel to allow users to move between backlight use and outdoor reflective mode with one push of a button.

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LG said the outdoor reflective mode's battery life consumption is about one fourth of what's consumed when the backlights are running full blast. The company also said its 14.1-inch display has a contrast ratio exceeding 9:1 when used in the reflective mode.

"Our environmentally friendly, 14.1 inch LCD for notebook PC overcomes the challenges of extending battery life in use of notebooks PCs outdoors where [there aren't] likely to be power outlets, while providing superior outdoor visibility," said In-Byeong Kang, vice president and head of LCD Laboratory for LG Display, in a statement.