IBM Taps Wyse For Virtual Desktop, Thin-Client Offerings

IGTS is using hardware and software from Wyse to stream applications to customers who use virtual desktop infrastructure technology from VMware or Citrix or who use Citrix's thin-client technology, said Jan Jackman, vice president of global end user service for IGTS.

"What we're seeing is that most clients are looking to move away from the PC model because of security issues, distributed management and diversifying workforces," Jackman said. "They want to run applications centrally."

They are doing so in two different ways, Jackman said. With thin-client technology such as that offered with Citrix AppServer, the applications are modified so that one instance of the application can be used to serve multiple users, such as task-oriented workers. With virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, the applications are not modified but instead are run as separate images from a central location.

The problem, Jackman said, is that network latency issues impact how well VDI and thin-client computing are accepted by customers.

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IGTS is working with Wyse to overcome that obstacle. "Wyse allows companies to stream their applications so they can be run without being modified," she said. "Instead, the application is streamed with caching technology to increase their speed and response times."

As part of its new initiative, IGTS will use a wide range of Wyse products, including thin-client hardware as well as software that provides virtual clients, shared services and streaming services. IBM also introduced a new service offering based on Wyse's WSM provisioning software.

IGTS has been working directly with clients for about a year but is now starting to bring in solution providers as partners, Jackman said.

"We needed time to roll our services out," she said. "Today, partners can run pilot projects and then, depending on the size of the deal, can handle the services themselves or pass them to us."