Emerson Cooling Modules Reduce Data Center Energy Consumption

The modules reduce data center energy consumption by controlling cooling fans based on the cooling load at each individual module.

"The Liebert XD system is a proven solution for high-density cooling of rack-based IT equipment. It enables higher-equipment densities while reducing cooling costs by up to 32 percent," said Bob Blough, director of product marketing, Liebert precision cooling, Emerson Network Power, in a statement. "By increasing the intelligence of the system through the addition of the Liebert Smart Modules and Liebert iCOM system, we are continuing to reduce costs of data center operation while maximizing equipment performance and availability."

In addition, the Liebert XD Smart Modules are supported by Liebert's XDP pumping unit, which has been upgraded and now includes the Liebert iCOM control system to improve system monitoring and control.

The Liebert iCOM system includes slots for two Web-compatible and building management system (BMS) cards for integration into an infrastructure management system or building management system for alarm management and notification.

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The Liebert iCOM control system also increases reliability and serviceability by recording maintenance history.