Microsoft Confused By Race, PCs and Macs

Here's the back story: Visitors to Microsoft's U.S. site saw a stock photo of three business people -- an Asian man, a black man and a woman -- sitting at a conference table.

Microsoft's Polish Web site showed a near-identical photo, but this time a white man's face was superimposed over the black man. Viewers also noted another incongruous image on the Polish Web site: the white man still sported black-skinned hands.

In addition to noticing that the businesswoman's monitor was unplugged, astute observers also found another anomaly: sitting in front of the black/white man was a Mac laptop with the Apple logo airbrushed out.

While red-faced Microsoft officials were quick to apologize for not being able to distinguish between black and white, they offered no explanation about the Mac placement in the advertisement.

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This isn't the first time Microsoft has been computer blind. In January, MacDaily noted that the company prominently featured a MacBook Pro in an ad for its new music-creating app, Songsmith, which, ahem, is only compatible with Windows.