Apple Slashes iPod Price Tags


The new prices as advertised on Apple's online store are:

The iPod Classic 120-GB model has also been discounted and is now $229, down from $249.

The new prices come just hours before Apple holds its much-anticipated event in Yorba Buena, Calif., at 10 a.m. PST. The company is expected to roll out new iPod models that include features such as a camera. The music-centered event has been rumored to include a new library of Beatles songs, as well as an interactive game featuring the beloved band.

There has also been widespread speculation about whether Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will make an appearance at the event, which investment analyst Gene Munster believes would eclipse new product announcements.

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"We believe investors will view the new products as a non-event, as iPod growth slows and the segment becomes less of an investable theme," Munster said in a note to investors, according to AppleInsider. "However, we also believe Steve Jobs will be present at the event, a first since his health-related leave of absence, which would likely be a slight positive for shares of AAPL and the first public confirmation of Jobs' health since his return to the company."

Munster also said that in his opinion, it isn't likely that Apple will take the wraps off a tablet computer that has reportedly been in the works.