Intel Samples Next-Gen Nehalem: Jasper Forest


A number of reports said Steve Smith, vice president of digital enterprise group operations at Intel, has revealed that the chips started limited production. Jasper Forest processors have an on-chip I/O hub, making the 45nm Jasper Forest more power-efficient. I/O functions are normally handled by a separate controller; the chip giant said putting the functions on-chip not only cuts the power budget of a system, but also frees up space on the motherboard.

Although Jasper Forest is based on Nehalem, it also integrates the right peripherals for embedded communications devices and high-end storage applications found in data centers, including ultradense blades, NAS and SAN. Jasper Forest will be offered in single-, dual- or quad-core designs, ranging from 23 to 85 watts.

Jasper Forest chips will be offered in single-, dual- and quad-core versions. In April, at Intel's Development Forum in Beijing, Intel announced that Jasper Forest would be available in early 2010 with sever-year-long life-cycle support. The Clarksfield variant of Nehalem, also built at 45nm and incorporating on-die I/O, is aimed at the mobile market.

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