Microsoft Tablet A Secret No More: Call It Courier

Photos of the long-anticipated product, code-named Microsoft Courier, were revealed on Gizmodo. The tablet actually looks more like a booklet, thanks to a hinge that connects two 7-inch touch screens. Pictures of the back of the tablet show what appears to be an integrated camera. A stylus is also shown for writing and drawing on the dual displays.

The Courier development team is being led by J. Allard, Microsoft's Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Entertainment and Devices Division, the man behind the development of Xbox and Zune.

Meanwhile, Apple's tablet continues to be top fodder for the rumor mill on a daily basis. According to the most recent chatter, the Taiwan Economic News Web site reported that the tablet has a 9.6-inch screen, operates on AT&T's HSDPA mobile network, and features chips from P.A. Semi's, an Apple subsidiary. Apple's offering will hit store shelves in February at a price tag in the $799 to $999 range, according to the site.

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