Nintendo Set To Release Large-Screen DSi LL In November

The new Nintendo DSi LL initially wil be released in Japan on Nov. 21 with a price tag of 20,000 yen (approximately $220). The console is expected to be released in Europe sometime in the first quarter but will go by a different name, the DSi XL. There's no word yet about a U.S. release.

The Nintendo DSi LL sports larger dual screens -- 4.2-inch screens vs. the DSi's 3.25-inch screens, and has improved viewing angles, Nintendo said in a press release. Weighing in at 314 grams, the console has a battery life of 3 hours. There are also two styluses -- a small version and a supersized one that's 129.3 millimeters. Users have a choice of three colors -- dark brown, red wine and natural white, the company said.

To see what the DSi LL looks like, click on Nintendo's Nintendo's Web site (text is in Japanese).

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