3 Reasons Sony PS3 Sales Are Soaring

"We are really hitting our stride here, and with how far you've seen us come in three short years, imagine how far we'll go with the next three," wrote Kim Nguyen, marketing manager for PS3 in a blog post. "It all starts with this holiday and blockbusters like UNCHARTED 2 and Ratchet & Clank, and only gets better in Q1 with MAG, Heavy Rain and God of War III."

Here are three reasons why Sony's PS3 is beating Microsoft's Xbox 360 in the marketplace.

1. Sony PS3 Is A Better Value Than Xbox 360

Check it out. For $349.99 from Best Buy you get the new lighter and slimmer PS3 with a 250 Gbyte hard drive, built in Blu-Ray disc player (yes Blu-Ray!), built-in WiFi lets you access the Internet and the FREE PlayStation Network, where you can download exclusive games, movies, TV shows.

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Compare that to Xbox 360s Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console with a 250 Gbyte hard drive, which is priced at $399 and comes bundled with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game.

Keep Modern Warfare 2. I'll take my PS3 with Blu-Ray disc player and built in WiFi that instantly gets you to the internet and the PlayStation Network.

2. The PlayStation Network Is Better Than Xbox Live

PlayStation got it right with its Free service to gamers offering unmatched games and game content along with robust Blu-Ray video content from Netflix and major studios.

The online multiplayer gaming you get for free from the PlayStation Network costs you $44.99 for a Microsoft Xbox Live Gold membership.

So let me get this straight, for FREE I get Blu-Ray, multiplayer gaming, and NetFlix from Sony PS3. For Microsoft I pay $44.99 for multiplayer online gaming and no Blu-Ray capability. It's no contest. PS3 is just a better gaming system for the money.

3. PS3 Is A More Reliable And Better Engineered Product Than Xbox 360.

Yes, engineering and reliability matter particularly for hard core gamers that are banging on a system day in and day out.

The failure rates of the Xbox 360 are a matter of ridicule and consternation in the gaming community. Sony has always been a great engineering company and the PS3 is a great example of its engineering excellence.

The PS3 is a Toyota that keeps on going and going and going. The Xbox 360 is a General Motors car that breaks down and lets you down.